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Freya test by Freya Hoffmeister
After testing the Freya 18 Expedition for roughly 11.000km, Freya Hoffmeister is ready to put her pen to paper and make an “objective" evaluation of her signature kayak. Read more »

It's here! The Rum Runner, the world´s first modular SUP is now shipping and will be in a store near you very soon!

Watch the video and discover this versatile paddleboard breaking the norm. »

Get to know XO13!

The high-performance day boat with great touring capabilities.

Read more about XO13 »

Nigel Foster opens US online kayak store offering Point 65's full range of modular kayaks and the accessories.

Read more »

Some excerpts; "A kayaker’s kayak", "A fantastic touring machine", "Rocks, waves, current; bring it on!"

Read more»
Kayak Cart

Instead of carrying the kayak, wheel it!

Durable high-quality aluminum construction. The cart can be folded, the pneumatic wheels easily taken off, and easily stowed.

Fits through a 7.5’’/ 19cm deck hatch..


Featured Gear »

Grand Tourer Carbon

Like the standard Grand Tourer only lighter and stiffer for better perfomance and comfort.

This all-around paddle is great for both high- and low angle strokes. The blade is slightly curved which gives it great grip in the water.

The medium-sized elongated touring blade offers a perfect combination for paddlers who like a soft but firm grip in the water, with lower windage.

Nigel Foster AIR!

The Nigel Foster AIR is even lighter and built
to perfection.

This is made specifically for paddlers with the highest demands on quality and weight. You can’t find a better built product.

Featured paddles »

Nigel Foster Explorer II

This PFD is designed by Nigel Foster for comfort, versatility and performance even in the most difficult waters. All materials have been carefully chosen for the highest quality.

The rugged Cordura shell provides extreme durability and strength.Two bellowed pockets are equipped with strong velcro and sturdy buckles, while the third pocket is zippered along the side for easy access to smaller items.

Featured Gear »

SUP Tourer GS

With its fiberglass shaft and carbon reinforced nylon blades,it is an upgrade which gives an even lighter, stronger andstiffer paddle.

The quick adjustable length fits any sized paddles and board.

Featured paddles »

Super Tourer

A smaller blade for low wind resistance and low angle strokes.

The Super Tourer is produced by vacuum- molded, fibreglass and pigmented injectioned epoxy.

The Super Tourer is perfect for paddlers who are looking for a slimmer and smaller blade for a comfortable Touring experience.
Featured paddles »

Whisky 16

Rough waters – smooth paddling 
- The Whisky 16 is an agile touring kayak developed by Nigel Foster. A spirited playboat for coastal waters with fuller bow and stern shape to reduce plunging, designed with rough water, surf and current in mind.


When the going gets rough...

Freya Hoffmeister is one of only two to have circumnavigated Australia in a kayak. She is the only woman and the only unassisted paddler to have achieved this feat.

Tequila Tandem

A new level of innovation for recreational kayaks - Created by award-winning design engineer Magnus De Brito. A fun, versatile and high-performance kayak that, due to its modularity, is exceptionally easy to carry, store, and haul.

Mercery Solo
A new level of innovation for recreational kayaks
. Created by award-winning design engineer Magnus De Brito, Point 65 Kayaks Sweden launches the Martini! A fun, versatile high-performance recreational touring kayak that, due to its modularity, is exceptionally easy to carry, store, and haul.

Read more »

Rum Runner Modular SUP - as easy as one, two, three!
Following the success of Point 65’smodular kayaks comes the Stand Up Paddle board (SUP) version in two sizes: Rum Runner 11.5 and Rum Runner 12.5. The Rum Runner is an innovative, high-performance, take-apart, touring SUP with a displace- ment hull, making it a fast, stable, straight- tracking board on which to explore, exercise, and easily take home in the back of your car.
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Happy go lucky.
After the incredible success of the XO composite series, Point 65 introduces you to the rotomolded, polyethelene versions! The XO13 and the XO11 are the first polyethelene versions in the highly successful XO series.

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